Type of Washable Incontinence Pants

There are two types of Washable Incontinence Pants; Light incontinence pants and Heavy incontinence pants.

Reusable incontinence underwear is exactly what it sounds like: underwear that absorbs bladder leaks and can be washed and reused like regular underwear. The key distinction is that reusable underwear often includes a pad that may wick away and absorb leaks.

Light Washable Incontinence Pants

INNERSY-Leakproof-Menstrual-Knickers-Pack - Type of Washable Incontinence Pants

The light incontinence trousers are designed primarily for urine incontinence and light faecal incontinence, with absorbencies (working capacities) ranging from 100mL to 450mL.

The crutch of these ‘light’ incontinence pants is sewed with an absorbent, waterproof cushion.

These incontinence pants have the appearance and feel of ‘regular’ underwear while giving the wearer unobtrusive security, protection, and comfort from any bladder leakage via the waterproof and absorbent pad inside the pant at the crutch.

Heavy Washable Incontinence Pants

The heavy incontinence pants, which can accommodate both urine and faecal incontinence, have absorbencies (working capacities) ranging from 400mL to 1,000mL. (1 Litre).

The ‘heavy’ incontinence trousers contain a soft-to-the-touch brushed cotton inner-lining (against the skin) for optimal comfort and a 100% waterproof outer layer/barrier to prevent leakage.

Elasticized legs and waist provide a secure fit, optimal comfort, and additional leakage prevention.

Please remember that the waterproof fabric is a poly-urethane laminate (PUL).

The PUL fabric provides an exceptionally efficient waterproof barrier. Still, it also ‘breathes’ (keeping the wearer comfortable and preventing overheating or discomfort), and it does not ruffle or become brittle over time, as standard plastic incontinent pants may.

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